Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Jannies can provide you with premium quality bond cleaning in Brisbane. We understand that real estate agents look at your cleaning efforts with a checklist and not much sympathy. There is nothing more frustrating and having to go back to clean your old rental due to floors not coming up or oven not scrubbed hard enough. We know what rental agents are looking for and can make sure that you get everything ticked off for your bond cleaning.

We know what real estate agents are looking for when bond cleaning is needed in Brisbane. However, you may also have ideas on what services you need for bond cleaning too. When can do a full clean and cover all areas of your home or break it down into smaller areas. For instances, you may be happy to clean the bedrooms and hallways and have us to the work in the kitchens and bathrooms. Just let us know what you need doing.

Bond cleaning that guarantees your bond money back

Bond money is a large chunk of money and it is a weight off your mind when it’s back in your pocket. We can save you the time of having to go back again and again for all the small details that hold up your bond money getting released. You can also rest easy that your bond reputation is upheld for the next property you want to rent. Keep a good track record with rental agents and the bond authority by getting a professional bond cleaning service in Brisbane through Jannies professional cleaning services.

Tips for getting back your bond

Review the condition report checklist that you went through with the real estate when you moved in. If you have new marks in your lounge room that you need to sort out, it’s best to work on it before moving day. Also if you have broken anything that needs replacing, it’s worth getting quotes or sourcing the products to ensure you can negotiate the replacement costs of the broken item.

Carpet Cleaning

At the start of your tenancy you should be aware that you may need to clean your carpets as part of your bond cleaning. Also many real estate agents will not accept you doing the job yourself by hiring supermarket machines. The standard of carpet cleaning has to be high, especially if pets were kept in the property. We offer carpet cleaning as an additional service and can easily organise your carpet cleaning after your bond clean is complete.

Our customers say, “There’s nothing like a Jannies Clean” so what are you waiting for? Call us now for your Bond Cleaning in Brisbane.