Housework exists, whether we like it or not. Beds have to be made, floors mopped, kitchens cleaned and bathrooms scrubbed. Instead of spending your weekends slaving away, leave the cleaning and chores to the experts who love doing it!

When you use Jannies cleaning services in Brisbane, you are looking for a smooth, efficient service and a fresh, clean house that allows you the time to get on with other important activities in your life.

You are busy enough with work and your family! Having an efficient, regular, Domestic or house cleaning professional means you no longer have to use up your precious weekends or evenings in order to have a clean organised home.

Your Home cleaner will spend two or more hours scrubbing, vacuuming and dusting until your house is sparkly and fresh!

Good Home Cleaners in Brisbane are like hen’s teeth. Why not support a small local business and notice our more personal touch?

The truth is nobody will be a cleaner forever and the smart ones know if they knock your socks off, they’ll be in high demand. At Jannies we only support cleaners with the right attitude and who have been initiated the Jannies Clean Way! We are dedicated to long-term placements rather than one-hit wonders and rest assured if your cleaner turns into a Diva, we’ll fill their shoes! Our Home Cleaners in Brisbane are employees of Jannies Cleaning services, not contractors so we supply the cleaning materials, equipment and transport which means our Home cleaners are always on time every time. They are fully uniformed, fully insured, fully vetted/police checked and fully trained.
We also offer a free carpet clean service to your home once you have been with us for a weekly clean for 6 months.

Having a cleaner regularly take care of the housework is one of life’s biggest pleasures so to get the most out of your service, here are our top tips for customer satisfaction!
Sometimes the small things often make the biggest impact. As our cleaners work for you in your home, they work to your instructions and really welcome encouragement and praise for a job well done. It can be really daunting walking into a home that is not your own and having a good rapport with the cleaner makes everything a little less intimidating.

We love it when a client builds a strong working relationship with their cleaner. Showing praise can be as simple as leaving out a thank you note or a small treat like a chocolate to show how glad you are that they love cleaning because let’s face it, time constraints and competing priorities means we don’t all fall into that category!

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