Do you have an office and face some or all of these problems? If so, you’re Not Alone

  • You don’t know what the cleaners actually do
  • You don’t even know who they are!
  • You can never communicate with the cleaners
  • Getting the cleaning company to respond to your feedback is like pulling teeth
  • Cleaning started great then quickly went downhill
  • Same things are always getting missed
  • It seems like the cleaners just fly through your office only doing the basics
  • Doors and alarms are not getting locked or armed

There are 4 basic ingredients necessary to have a great consistent cleaning service

  • Extensive Training and Inductions
  • Checklists and Systems to make sure everyone’s on track
  • Auditing for Quality Assurance
  • And Finally GUARANTEES to back it all up.
    These are the very basics for a good clean. But there’s much more to consider if you want hassle-free cleaning and you want to make sure you and your cleaners comply with all relevant legislation

We look after the cleaning of offices, throughout

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Ipswich