We all love our furry friends, but we don’t love the “accidents” they sometimes leave behind on the carpet! Cat urine, dog urine, feces, vomit are all to be expected on the carpet at one time or another when you have pets. The trick is knowing what to do when you encounter these situations so you can minimise the damage and ensure your carpets remain safe and hygienic for the rest of the family.

Clean carpet can be something we take for granted, but it’s an important part of any home. After all, it affects the appearance of your home, but it’s also where your children and pets play, so why wouldn’t you want to keep it in the best possible condition? Clean, well-maintained carpets not only provide a hygienic environment for your family, but also increase the resell value of your home, so it is an investment in what matters most in your life.

We invite you to put our stain removal services to the test. Our technicians are not only equipped with the safest and most advanced products and tools, but we also have years of experience in the industry, that gives us the know-how to tackle even the most stubborn stains.

Whether it’s juice, wine, lipstick, pet urine, or any other stain that plagues your home, we’ll put our first-hand industry knowledge and specially formulated tools and techniques to work to get your home back to looking its best.
Stains require different cleaning techniques, and we take the time to evaluate your specific stain, as well as the surface it’s on, to create a personalised cleaning plan-of-action. Many stains require advanced technical knowledge, which is why we employ only the most talented and highly-trained technicians. We take an individualised approach to stain removal, which is in large part responsible for our outstanding success rate.

In most instances, pet stains and odours can be professionally removed using a specialised surface treatment, steam cleaning and deodorising. At Piggy Vest, our Pet Urine treatment involves one of our professional carpet cleaners to follow up with a Pet urine treatment to kill bacteria and remove odors, but by removing most of the urine you will help prevent pet stains. However, this method is only successful if the pet stain has not soaked through to the underlay and floor beneath. Pet urine when left untreated forms salt-like crystals and when they become damp they release odors, this is why sometimes the smell seems stronger after carpet steam cleaning. Usually applying urine treatments and deodorizers to the surface of the carpet helps eliminate this problem. If, however the carpet backing and underlay have been affected by the urine soaking through, then there are a few more steps to follow;

  • the carpet will need to be pulled back
  • the underlay removed and replaced
  • the floor surface washed and resealed
  • both sides of the carpet treated
  • the carpet relayed, steam cleaned and deodourised.
  • In homes where the soiling is severe the carpet and underlay should both be removed and replaced with new carpet and underlay

If your best friend has left a stain, call Piggy Vest and let us quote on a Pet Urine Treatment for you. It’s worth a phone call. It’s also worth knowing that every carpet clean and Pet Urine Treatment we do, half of the money received goes to charity so when you need your carpets professionally cleaned or a Pet Urine treatment done, why wouldn’t you go with Piggy Vest.

We are a Defence Housing Australia Tier 1 Cleaning contractor so no-one has more experience in all aspects of the cleaning game. Pet Urine treatments included.
Piggy vest is part of the Jannies group.

As our customers say, “There’s nothing like a Jannies clean”

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